Dialogflow Gateway


Dialogflow Gateway is a Platform for building Dialogflow Integrations

Dialogflow Gateway is not official Google Product, its built by Ushakov


What it can do

✅ Connect your Dialogflow Agent to third-party integrations or code your own ones
✅ Dive deeply into analytics, explore how your Dialogflow Agent is being used on the Web
✅ Format Dialogflow responses into a human-friendly and machine-readable JSON
✅ Trigger Webhook, when your Dialogflow Agent is used on the Web
✅ Secure access to your Dialogflow Agent

Additional Features

More of what it can do

✅ Support for Actions on Google
✅ Audio Recognition and Synthesis
✅ 99.95% uptime, with free updates
✅ Managed Dialogflow for Web v2 Integration for free
✅ Support via GitHub issues and email
✅ Free and Open API
✅ SDK for JavaScript
✅ HTTP/2 enabled


We will only charge you, when your free quota has exceeded

✅ Free monthly quota
✅ Convenient payment using PayPal
✅ Unlimited Agents and Conversations
✅ No hidden costs and fees; you pay only for the messages you send
✅ No credit card required

$0 per month

$0.025 per message

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